Instagram Computer


If you have been following or are a fan of social media, then you might have heard of Instagram. As a matter of fact, you might be using it with your smart phone too! That’s right the app is free for download with your iOS device or Android phone and it is used to share photos primarily. On the other hand, Instagram is also a social networking site similar to that of Facebook and Twitter. With it, you will be able to edit photos you have taken and apply various types of vintage filters to them and share the results with others that are members of the site. Liking and commenting on photos are possible when you follow other users and they will also be able to do the same for you. Now, many people are wondering if there is an Instagram computer version for the PC or Mac. Instagram has always been known as an app for the iOS and Android, yet there is an increasing demands for desktop users.

As much as there is high demand for Instagram to have a version for PC users, there is no official site yet to this very day. However, there have been talks of developing one in the future to accommodate the needs of many. So for now, you might have to just wait until that time comes and just use your iOS or Android to experience the original app. On the other hand, there are clones of Instagram that allow you to experience the whole thing on your computer and it’s just the matter of not really using the original one. Nonetheless, the experience is just the same. If Instagram allows you to like, comment and follow other people on the site, clones of the app will also let you do the same.


One very popular app for the computer that is a clone of the original Instagram is called Instagrille and it is for now exclusive for PC users as a version for the Mac has not yet been developed. So what does this app for the computer do? It allows you to experience having Instagram without actually having the original app on your PC. Besides the usual features of being able to view photos of the users you follow as well as being able to like and comment on them, Instagrille has certain features that are unique. For one, you will be able to see photos that were taken near you. For a number of reasons, this is quite an interesting feature. Plus, you are still also able to download photos from Instagram on your feed.

Another Instagram for the computer clone you can use is called Gramfeed, in which you will still be able to perform the features as those in the original. In this version, there is a partnership with Google Maps so that if you type in the name of a city, all the photos that were taken in that specific place will be shown. Like the original as well some of the clones, you can still download photos and save them in your computer.